Revolver Grandmother: Age at which people hold the bed, it puts a target ! The age at which people take hold Cribs are putting tide target success Table revolver grandmother hand at that age. Chandro Tomar Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh bordering Delhi are unique in their own right. 84-year-old grandmother is famous worldwide talent to find their targets. Chandro Tomar mark the first time had the age of 65, he then looked back.

Revolver Grandmother

Revolver Grandmother: Age at which people hold the bed, it puts a target ! – India Virals |

Grandma says that when 65 years ago he had been in contact with the first gun in the practice of his granddaughter. Granddaughter when Li Gun joke-joke gun was unable to load, loaded it and took the shot. Their target would have run into the standing coach surprise, he asked to practice Chandro Tomar.

There was no easy way

Granny which comes from environment, where women live only within Chahar walls. Taking his gun turned out, stood up to oppose society and family. But when people saw the unmistakable mark of the grandmother she could not stop them. From then until today grandmother already earned more medals than 100. Given his talent and family support so that as well as the government extended hand of help.

Revolver Grandmother

Famous Chandro Tomar called revolver grandmother also training of shooting hundreds of boys and girls today. It does not shoot Chandro Tomar just, he worked in the house even today. From food to feed the cattle. Is the job of grandma’s day started at home and tend to walk after settling into his Johri Rifle Club, then passes teach all day learning the right people.

Has taken part in many disciples National Championships grandmother and now they are spending their lives comfortable by government jobs. Chandro Tomar to India are not just revolver grandmother, but also an example for those who visit the daughters and women saddled with the stove boundaries. Grandma would also serve to target his gun on such thinking .. boom boom boom..

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