London: When the River water turned into Green Water. Today, we are going to tell you about an incident that you will be stunned to know about. In fact, the water of a river Ayre in Leeds in Britain turned green, everyone was surprised to see. Clear water flowing under the bridge suddenly turns green.

When the River water turned into green water

When the River water turned into Green Water – India Virals |

According to the reports, a person named Oli says that like every day he was going to work from his car, he reached the bridge, he saw that the water of the river has turned green. This view He was scared and he immediately took the mobile and captured that sight.

Olly told in the media that at first she thought that someone in the water has probably mixed poison. He has said that changing the color of water in this way was the first time seen in life. After this he immediately mailed this photo to the Environment Agency and gave information about the whole matter. Right now the whole matter is under investigation. It is believed that due to pollution the water in the river has changed.

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