Who can be Better than Salman for the film Race 3 – Saif Ali Khan. A few days ago, it was heard that the movie Race 3 Saif Ali Khan had been released because he had a second lead role in the film. But now defying this, Saif has said that he did not get the film’s offer.

Saif told that the producer Ramesh Taurani told me that he wants to make Race 3 but with a brand new cast. He is my close friend so I supported him, and then better than Salman, who could have been for this role.

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According to reports, Salman Khan had already released the first film Race 3 but later he again said yes to the film. Well, not just Race 3, Salman has rejected many films in his film life. Let us tell you which movies Salman has rejected –

Kill Salman Khan

Salman-Shahrukh Movie –


Director of Film Tanu Weds Manu will soon be making a film based on ‘Dwarf’. Salman Khan was chosen first for this film but Salman did not want to leak his plot. But the plot got leaked and Salman left the film. After this Shah Rukh Khan was chosen as the hero of the film. Interestingly, the film that was first chosen by Salman will now have a cameo in the same movie.

Pick up India –

The box office collection of this film was more than Salman’s film, Salaime Ishq, London Dreams, Marigold. Salman was chosen for the film Chak De India too, but later Shah Rukh had replaced Salman. However, Salman did not want to leave the script of the film, and he did not want to leave it.

Tomorrow may not be there –

Salman Khan

The film was directed by Nikhil Advani for the first time Salman Khan, but Salman did not like the film’s script, so he refused the film. Later, Shahrukh Khan played a lead role in the film.

Passion –

There was another movie in which Salman was seen instead of Shah Rukh but the only reason Salman’s sister Aishwarya was in the film was that Salman had rejigged it in the film.

Ghazni –

The film’s hero, Aamir Khan himself, had advised that Salman should have been in the film. Well, Amir’s film had a business of about 120 crores.

Baazigar –

Shahrukh’s another super hit film, which Salman Khan has rejected. Because in the same year, Salman had made films like Chandramukhi and Jagriti.

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