Saudi Arabia Physical Education: There are many social restrictions on women in Saudi Arabia and that is why there is strict adherence to Islamic law and ethnic customs here. For this reason, women and girls have to depend entirely on any male guardian. That is, in a country where women were not allowed to drive, despite the many protests, girls have been announced for the first time in the history of the country for starting the education of physical education.

Saudi Arabia Physical Education

First time in the history of Saudi Arabia physical education is in hands

According to media reports, this announcement of the Education Minister of Saudi Arabia is being considered as a major step for women’s independence in the country. The Ministry of Education said that physical education will start from the forthcoming academic session for girls. For this, the rules of the country have been relaxed. It was not disclosed in the announcement that what activities would be offered to them but it was said that they would be offered gradually according to Islamic law.

In Saudi Arabia, due to Islamic law, women have to cover their hair and body in public life.

In this Muslim country, women have to get the permission of a male guardian for driving or traveling abroad. For medical treatment women have to get permission from their father, husband or son. Al-Facii, who was studying the history of women in Saudi Academy, said that all this conservatism is to protect the femininity of women. In this decision, he and other female rights advocates are showing new possibilities for the girls of the country.

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Despite the opposition of the conservatives, the progressist who dominated

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the physical education of girls in Saudi Arabia. Conservative women consider such education to be obscene. Shura, who played the role of advisor in the country’s key affairs, had cleared the subject of physical education in 2014, but Shura’s decision was never implemented when he called Westernization. While earlier this year, the Advisory Council had allowed women to do the gym. The conservatives were not able to resist this decision and the progressive men prevailed.

Women’s life is like slaves – Saudi Arabia Physical Education

Women’s lives in Saudi Arabia are like slaves. In 2011, women posted photos of driving on social media under Woman 2 Drive, but were not successful. Here women can not live in the house without men. If there is no man in the house then the guard must be there. Women in tight clothing can not go out of the house. They can not use too much make-up. There are separate entrances for them at public places. For the first time in 2012 when women athletes went to the London Olympics, fundamentalist leaders told her to a sex worker.

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