SBI New Rules: If your account is also the country’s largest bank in the State Bank of India, then it is news that you have a lot of work.

Are You A SBI customer Then, You must Know About these New Rules

Actually, everyone has changed some of their rules and fees. After GST was implemented across the country from July 1, the service charge was increased by the banks. At first the service fee used to be 15 percent, and after GST was implemented, instead of putting it at its place, that is, GST is 18 percent.

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With the help of SBI Bank using its big app, withdrawal of ATM from ATM will be charged 25 rupees per withdrawal. This SBI bank’s bigger app is a relatively new facility, which provides the facility to withdraw money from the ATM through the use of the bank’s mobile wallet.

SBI has said that through withdrawal of ATM through the use of bank’s big money, there will now be a GST of more than 25 rupees. If you transfer money from SBI Buddy to your bank’s savings account, then you have to pay 3% + tax. SBI said this through a press release.

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