Toilet Paper Dress: Have you seen this dress made from toilet paper ? A wedded dress made from Toilet paper in a vacant time by a housewife living in New York, got the first prize of 6 million 37 thousand rupees in a unique fashion competition in New York.

Toilet Paper Dress: Have you seen this dress made from toilet paper ? – India Virals |

Nobody can say that by looking at this beautiful wading dress, it will be made from toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Dress


Did the dressing made the woman named Kari Karleto who made it from toilet paper? Decorated with 1500 butterflies. This dress is 6 feet wide and wide from the back and down. According to this lady, it took 3 months to prepare this wading dress and due to which she had to work a lot. In the meantime, Kari realized that he would not be able to complete this dress.

Toilet Paper Dress

To make it, he used toilet paper, gum, glitter and tape. After the children went to sleep at night, she used to prepare this dress.

He had sent it for the prize given for the unique things won by the first prize reward won by Believe it or Not.

It was one of 1517 atrias to receive the Releases this year. It was included in the toilet paper dress competition being held in New York for 13 years, so it won the first prize by overcoming all others.

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