Kolkata: Sehwag talked about ‘setting back’ in front of Ganguly. Virendra Sehwag, who was the president of the Bengal Cricket Association and Saurav Ganguly, the most aggressive captain of the Indian team , admitted today that he did not become the coach of the Indian team in the joke, had given this statement in joke that my setting was not, or else I too became a coach.

Sehwag talked about 'setting back' in front of Ganguly

Sehwag talked about ‘setting back’ in front of Ganguly – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

How the news is made from the TV commentary box, the evidence was found on Thursday, when the Indian team was batting in the second one-dayer against Australia and after 15 overs, in the Hindi commentary box, three legends Sourav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag And VVS Laxman sitting together.

Rather than speaking on the ongoing match at Eden Gardens, Sourav Ganguly said, “What I’m going to say may be tomorrow’s headlines of newspapers … everybody is hearing this, you keep this thing in mind.” Ganguly said, Sehwag was getting bored, so to give headlines he gave the statement that if I had a setting then I would become the coach of Team India … Sehwag said on this, grandfather I jokingly made this statement It was, but people took it seriously …

Sehwag talked about 'setting back' in front of Ganguly

While laughing, Sehwag said that Dada (Ganguly), my statement was certainly brought to the media headlines but no further attention was given on the statement and tweet. I also later said that when the captain chooses 11 players in the match, then he is the best. The committee will deliberately select Team India’s best coach …

Although these conversations may have been a joke, but when talking to any person, it is very important to keep in mind that the arrows left from the command and the words spoken by Zuban never come back. Sehwag had applied for the chief coach and when Ravi Shastri was elected to the post of coach, he had taken out a scandal by giving a statement to the news agencies. For the first time after this controversy, Ganguly and Sehwag came together on some stage. Ganguly has proved why he is called ‘grandfather of cricket’ …

Sehwag talked about ‘setting back’ in front of Ganguly – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Sehwag is all-rounder and many times forget that he is speaking on air. A similar incident is missing and when the great cricketer with the Sehwag in the commentary box was Sunil Gavaskar. During the Hindi commentary, Sehwag talked about the slow batting and asked Gavaskar how did you score only 36 runs in the 60-over game?

Gavaskar was initially surprised at Sehwag’s moment for some moment as he did not expect Sehwag to ask such a question to him. Gavaskar asked instead to answer, we change the subject and tell our audience about the match …

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