Sex Power Boosting Insect: Today we are going to tell you about a worm that costs in lakhs. Due to the specialty of this worm, it keeps track of smugglers from all over the world. Due to the specialty of this worm, the eyes of the smugglers of this whole world remain intact.

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The story of the discovery of this worm is also very interesting. Tibetans discovered it about 1500 years ago. When they used to take their animals to graze, then eating these insects would make an unprecedented change in animals. Only then discovered it.

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There is a ban on the evacuation of this insect in India. Therefore its theft is smuggled. But local people in Nepal and Tibet sell it only. In China it sells 15 to 20 lakh per kg.

This worm is found in the hills of the Himalayas. Its color is brown and it is a kind of fungus. It is called in different countries with different names. The worm of the winter is said to be in Tibet in Uttarakhand, but the real name is Yarsagumba. These worms are found in very cold areas at the height of 3200 to 4000 meters of Himalaya. This fungus transitions into the parasite on larvae. Its length ranges from seven to ten centimeters.

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