These are the sexiest robots in the world! As we all know today, the era is an era of science and technology. The most common thing in this science and technology is robots.

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Robot’s existence is very much already connected to science and technology.

These are the sexiest robots in the world –

These are the sexiest robots in the world

The number of movies that have been created with the Robot and its top has also been made. One such movie is “Sionara” This movie is filmed with a robot. The special thing is that the robot of this movie was also put in the previous world record exhibition.

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This robot has been given the form of a young girl. Its name is Jaminoid F and it has become the sexiest robot in the world. Its height is 5 feet 6 inches, and it is capable of understanding the robot language, the movement of eye movement and i-to-eye contact.
This movie is very attractive to see robots. It has been constructed at Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory of Osaka University. The robot has been tried to make a person as well as the skin of this female robot has been made from rubber.

Robots Human Work: Robots can never do these human work

According to the university, his main aim is to keep the robot’s artificial intelligence intact. This robot can sing the song, raise his eyebrow and mimic the voice. This robot also smiles. Sometimes this robot’s voice recognition system can not work in a more noisy environment. Jeminoid F. has also made the film industry go crazy. Jaminoid F has a great and unique performance in the movie Cenonara.

Professor Ishiguro has created many robots, he has made his new and own identity in today’s era. The professor believes and says that a day will come when the robot will be a fake person and make real humans fooled.

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