SIT asked these 11 questions to Vipassana to reach Honeypreet Singh. The case of Honeypreet is becoming complicated day by day. SIT also questioned Dera’s chairperson Vipassana on Monday. But there was no such clue as to which Honeypreet’s quest could go one inch further.

SIT asked these 11 questions to Vipassana to reach Honeypreet Singh – India Virals


SIT  asked to Dera’s chairperson_Vipassana for four hours for four hours. Vipassana raised the question on 11 questions and believed that Honeypreet came to the ashram of Sirsa on August 25 and 26 . But now where he is, he raised his hands about it. If the deputy chairperson Vipassana was presented before SIT at 2 pm, then the question remained unanswered for four hours.


These 11 questions asked Vipassana:

1. when Ram Rahim and Honeypreet went out for Panchkula, where were you at that time?

2. how many times have you talked with Honeypreet on the night of August 25?

3. 3 people were sent to Sunya jail to carry Honeypreet, did you send it?

4. Did Hanipreet arrive in Sirsa camp on August 25?

5. If Honeypreet came to Sirsa’s camp, what did he say?

6. Did you talk to him in Honeypreet’s absconding and what did he talk about?

7. How many places are there and no one else knows about it?

8. How are you and Honeypreet’s relationship ?

9th and 10th question: What is your right to legally serve the property?

11th Question: Have you got the rights to run the campus in writing?

Vipassana got out at around 6 pm after four hours of interrogation. But the questions will continue now.

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