Agra: Lock on another plan of SP Government. A lock of another scheme of the SP government has been hanging. Computer training center started in the commission for the training of employees and students has been closed in the absence of budget. Since the government has changed in the state, locals are locked in the center. In the absence of maintenance, 35 computers have become obsolete.

The Yogi Government has bridged many schemes of the SP government. The computer training center is one of them. Akhilesh’s government distributed laptops to all the intermediate students under their laptop scheme. It was a free arrangement for 15-15 days training from the government to operate them. Apart from this government employees were also trained about computers. The then Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav, made this computer training center more effective, in the year 2015, it was re-launched, but locals locked at the center of the Yogi government.

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Most of the government jobs are currently on the computer. New software is coming days related to schemes. Senior employees need training to work on these. Since the training center is closed, the administration does not have any means where the staff can be trained about computers. Formerly the staff was trained here.

These schemes also led to the screening of the LED screen in the Akhilesh government for the spread of government work.

The cycle track has been riled from place to place. No budget has been done to repair it.
In the SP government, the Taj Mahmah and Taj were walking on the Nature Walk day, but as soon as the Akhilesh Government went, the officials turned their backs on.

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