Fun Facts About India

Fun Facts India

Fun Facts India: This article is intended for information and fascinating facts about India with images, geographical truth about India, unknown truth about Indian history, amazing truth about Indian festivals, religion, society, culture and heritage. Facts about Indian climate etc. All amazing Omg rare, unknown info and facts about India. Brief History of India – History of India can be divided in 3 stages: Historical India, Medieval India and Modern India. In the earliest known times to the eighth century AD is regarded as period of Ancient India. Historical India – The period of Historical India witnessed fall and rise of Indus Valley culture that’s among the oldest civilizations of the world.

Fun Facts About India –

Post Indus culture is regarded as those inflow of Aryans and those Vedas Period. Another important empires of Historical India are Chalukya of Badami, Pallava of Kanchipuram, Pandyas of Madurai, Rashtrakutas and Cholas. Medieval India – The period from eighth Century AD to late seventeenth century is regarded as the Medieval Period of India. The raids of Mahmud of Ghazni, and on occasion the institution of Delhi Sultnet can also be considered as the beginning place of period. Medieval India is dominated by Mughal Empire largely although this period witnesses more Muslim strikes and raids from the northwest frontier. The rise of Mughals to power led to an integration of the rather scattered areas of India to one common political stage.

The mid-century of nineteenth century observed the decline of Mughal empire and climbing of British Power that’s very evident from the battle of Plassey. Modern India – Battle of Plassey of year 1757 marked with those decline of Mughal electricity is regarded as the onset of Modern India.

Fun Facts About India –

The following era also represents those awakening and enlightenment of those elite classes of India. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Dayanand Saraswati, Swami Vivekanand are few samples of this era who created not only social and cultural reforms, but the inspired awakening of masses that eventually lead to freedom struggle and after that finally independence. Unknown Historical Facts about India – The earliest name of India is Jambudweep. The other older names of ancient India. Aryavrat. Bharatvarsha based on Vishnu Puran. Nabhivarsha based on Bhagwat Puran. Tianzhu meaning heavenly center according to Chinese Tang Dynasty. Tenjiku is those Japanese name of Pre Modern India.

Hodu is those Bibilical Hebrew name of ancient India. This name can be mentioned in Book of Esther, Jew Tanakh and Christian old testament. The Indus Valley culture is among the earliest known civilizations of the planet which is modern to Mesopotamia, Historical Egyptian, Mayan, Historical Greek civilizations. Wootz steel came in southern India in 3rd century BC and was even exported to different south asian countries. Three most important empires veras in Indian history are i) Era of Ashoka, ii) Era of Chandragupta II and iii) Era of Akbar .

Fun Facts About India –

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