Scientific explanations behind the major Indian or Hindu rituals.


Scientific explanations major Indian Hindu rituals: Scientific explanations behind the major Indian or Hindu rituals.

Scientific explanations major Indian Hindu rituals –

Indian girls sporting toe earrings

Wearing toe rings isn’t just the importance of married ladies however there may be technological know-how in the back of it. Normally toe jewelry is worn on the second toe.

A precise nerve from the second one toe connects the uterus and passes to heart. Wearing toe ring on this finger strengthens the uterus. It will maintain it healthy by way of regulating the blood float to it and menstrual cycle will be Silver is a great conductor, it also absorbs polar energies from the earth and passes it to the frame.

Applying mehndi on hand

Besides lending color to the hands, mehndi is a totally powerful medicinal herb. Weddings are demanding, and regularly, the stress reasons complications and fevers.

As the wedding day methods, the excitement mixed with worried anticipation can take its toll on the bride and groom. Application of mehndi can save you too much strain because it cools the body and keeps the nerves from becoming traumatic. This is the cause why mehndi is applied on the palms and feet, which house nerve endings within the frame.

Sitting on a floor and consuming

This way of life is not just about sitting on floor and consuming, it’s far concerning sitting in the “Sukhasan” position after which consuming. Sukhasan is the location we usually use for Yoga Asanas.

Sitting in this role while eating help in improving digestion as the circulatory system can recognition completely on digestion and now not on our legs dangling from a chair or supporting us even as we are status.

Not to sleep toward the north.

The delusion is that it invites ghost or dying however considering the fact that says that it is due to the fact the human body has its very own magnetic subject (Also called hearts magnetic area, because the waft of blood) and Earth is a giant magnet. When we sleep with the top towards the north, our body’s magnetic subject becomes completely asymmetrical to the Earth’s Magnetic discipline.

That purpose issues associated with blood stress and our coronary heart needs to paintings tougher so as to triumph over this asymmetry of Magnetic fields. Apart from this, some other reason is that Our frame has a great quantity of iron in our blood. When we sleep on this function, iron from the entire frame starts to congregate within the brain. This can reason a headache, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cognitive Decline, Parkinson disease, and mind degeneration.

Ear piercing

Piercing the ears has exceptional significance in Indian ethos. Indian physicians and philosophers agree with that piercing the ears facilitates within the development of mind, the energy of thinking and selection making faculties.

Talkativeness fritters away life electricity. Ear piercing enables in speech-restraint. It enables to lessen impertinent conduct and the rear-channels turn out to be loose from problems. This idea appeals to the Western international as properly, and so they are getting their ears pierced to put on fancy jewelry as a mark of favor.