The strange thing that came down from the sky

Strange thing Fallen sky

Strange thing Fallen sky: Every few days in the world, there is no shocking thing that becomes a topic of discussion on social media. A few days ago, there was an airplane flying in Ireland that surprised everybody. And now this time in the United States of Texas, there was a blue-colored fireball in the sky. The video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. According to sources, on Thursday night the meteor body was seen in the sky and it was coming towards the earth faster.

Strange thing Fallen sky –

These incidents are being reported at around 9:22 in the night. Everyone was surprised by the strange things in the sky. The eyewitness Mary Ann Merron said about this: “There was a huge sphere in the sky that was shining in blue and coming towards the Earth. It seemed that someone had shot Star on the ground. “Along with this, many other people also heard the sound of this explosion in Texas.

Talking about this, The American Meteor Society reported that, “There are about 95 reports that have seen fireballs in the sky of Texas.” Let us tell you the video shared by Christopher Kato. After watching the video, NASA reported that whenever a stone breaks down from the asteroid chamber, it comes in contact with the atmosphere and becomes a ball of fire and it is called a meteoroid.

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