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Vivo V17 VS HP-Laptop : Laptops come in this range

Vivo V17 VS HP-Laptop

Vivo V17 VS HP-Laptop : Vivo has launched the latest smartphone Vivo-V17 of the V series! Its design is adorable! Due to Vivo’s more sets, its design has attracted more so that it can compete with other brands in the market! But its price in India is 22,990 rupees! But laptop is also available at this price! Yes, HP Company’s laptop will also be found in the market in the same range! So the question arises, what mobile of this range will be able to do laptop work?

We will tell you what is better based on the features of specification between HP-LAPTOP and VIVO-V17!


Vivo company has launched its Vivo-v17! Within which they have given 8GB + 128GB of RAM storage! Due to which you will get a good speed in running mobile and there is a lot of storage to save your data! At the same time, if you talk about the processor of this mobile, then Qualcomn Sapndragon 675 is given! In terms of camera, this mobile is quite good if we talk about its front camera, then it has a 32MP camera and the same rear camera is 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP! Meaning you can take your photo quite well! In terms of battery too, the Vivo company has pulled out a very good mobile! The Vivo V17 i battery of the Vivo company is 4500mAh! That is, you can use the mobile for a long time! The price of which is 22,990 rupees in India!


You can also find a laptop in this Vivo V17 phone range! HP company laptop costs 22,900 rupees! In terms of RAM, this laptop is slightly less than mobile! This laptop has 4GB of RAM! But if you talk about storage then this laptop is much better than mobile! This HP laptop has 500GB of storage! That is, you can save more files in laptop than mobile! Laptop display is also better than mobile! Most importantly, you cannot increase the RAM and storage of the mobile but you can increase the RAM and storage of the laptop at any time according to your own! Speaking of the camera, every laptop also has the camera facility, so that you can do video calling, video chat!

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