When these guys started asking for a kiss on the way. Today’s boys – the boy has started proposing. This is happening in today’s time, there are many countries where gay marriage has been recognized in today’s time. Yes there are many such countries where all such things have been approved but not in India. In such a situation, a recent video has come up, which has two boys, who are watching the boys on the road, they are staying behind the people and telling them what to do. Yes, people are running far away from them, and they are talking a lot, which you can see in this video. Let’s see. This video has so far received 37,080 views. This is uploaded by YouTube channel TroubleSeekerTeam.

It often contains two boys who seem to bother the people. Never in the park, ever on the road. It is often viral on social sites, it has so far been seen by many people, in fact it is quite exciting. Let’s also watch this video.

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By dp