New Delhi: Strange Relationship between Cat and Girl, tells mistress ‘MOM’. It has been said that there was a determination in doing the exercise. If a person tries to learn, then nothing is impossible. Can not teach even if it comes to teaching? A similar case came out of China. Here a woman has done such a thing which will make you wonder. This woman learned to call herself a mother by her three-year-old pet cat. This woman has named Mau Tai Me (very beautiful hair) with the name of this cat.

Strange Relationship

Strange Relationship between Cat and Girl, tells mistress ‘MOM’ – India Virals |

It is being told that this woman used to teach her cat to be called Mom every day. The cat also started to say Mom gradually. Earlier he only spoke softly or in his own voice but one day he called the whole word Mom. The woman herself was surprised to hear it and was very happy too. He shared his cat’s video and shared it. This video of this cat in the local media is very much capped.

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