New Delhi: Supreme Court to give compensation of Rs 10 lakh to rape victims. The Supreme Court has directed the Bihar government to pay a compensation of Rs 10 lakh to the poor woman, which was allegedly raped, and after the opinion of the medical board, the permission to drop her 26 weeks pregnancy Was not given A bench of Justice Deepak Mishra said that she has issued some instructions and has passed the order of the Patna High Court, under which the permission was not given for the woman to conceive, because she was given legal limit of 20 weeks of pregnancy Has passed. This limit is given in the Medical Abortion Act, 1971.

Supreme Court to give compensation of Rs 10 lakh to rape victims

The counsel of the victim told the apex court that the woman should get compensation from the Bihar government as she went to Patna Medical College and Hospital to get her pregnancy. At that time, her womb was going on for 17th week. The court was hearing the case of 35-year-old HIV positive poor woman here. The woman was allegedly raped on the streets of Patna and she is now pregnant with 26 weeks. The apex court asked the medical board of AIIMS to investigate the woman. The Board had said in its report that it is in the very next stage of its pregnancy.

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The Supreme Court had earlier said that it will not review the order of the High Court, which stated that according to the report of the Medical Board, it would be a danger to the petitioner’s life and keeping the child alive is the responsibility of the government. The woman said in her petition that she is poor and she first came to know about her pregnancy when she was walking 13th week. He came to know this when a women rehabilitation center, the peace cottage saved him and on January 26 his pregnancy test was done.

Supreme Court to give compensation of Rs 10 lakh to rape victims

The woman said that she had expressed her desire to get her pregnancy on 4th March from the research officer in the field action project attempt of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Only after this, she told the superintendent of the shelter home that pregnancy is the result of rape. He tried to conceive in the hospital on March 14.

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