Video: Surely it will not be seen before this Hightech theft . Dutch:  You can see many films made on HiTech theft in Hollywood and Bollywood. Looking at these films, it seems that it is only in Ril Life, it is not possible in real life.

Video: Surely it will not be seen before this ‘Hightech theft’ – India Virals |

These days, a video of a hitech theft in social media is becoming viral. It is claimed that you have never seen such hightech theft before today. The Netherlands Police has busted a similar gang, if you see if you steal, you will not believe in your eyes. You might also say this by seeing that it is a movie scene.

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The Dutch police has uncovered a similar gang, whose hightech theft video is becoming quite viral. In this video a gang of 5 thieves from Romania stole an approximately $ 6 million iPhone from a moving van in film style.

It is being told that this incident happened on the night of 24th July. When this gang broke into the van with the help of its hi-tech car. In the video, you will see that thieves carry their car behind the van running at a speed of about 100 kilometers / hour. After this, a thief pulls out the thief from the hitech car and returns to his car after stealing the iPhone by making a hole in the van. Seeing this thief’s technique will keep your eyes open.

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