Sushma Swaraj to meet Bhutanese Foreign Minister today, rejects China’s claim to Bhutan. New Delhi / Team Digital Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj will attend the 15th BIMSTEC Foreign Ministers Conference beginning in Kathmandu today.

Sushma Swaraj to meet Bhutanese Foreign Minister today

According to sources, during the Kathmandu visit, Sushma will also meet Bhutanese counterpart Damocho Dorjee in addition to the conference. This will be the first meeting of both the Foreign Ministers of Bhutan and India after the ongoing tension over Dolaam. In this meeting with Sushma, Bhutanese will discuss the measures to reduce this tension on the Foreign Minister’s border area.

Bhutan government rejects claims of Chinese Foreign Ministry

At the same time, the Bhutan government has rejected the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s claim that the Chinese Foreign Ministry had said that Bhutan has assumed that Docmal is not its territory. Significantly, the Chinese Foreign Ministry claimed that Bhutan has assumed that Dokalam is a Chinese territory. For this, there has been talk of diplomatic level between the two countries.

According to the news, official sources of the Bhutan government on Thursday said in the phone conversation that our situation on the Dokmal border is very clear.

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