Have you ever been swim like these people? Often we choose a way to go to office that is easy and can reach office on time. With traffic not too much … but you know there is a man who has adopted some different way to avoid traffic.He swims 2 kilometers daily. To go to the office… know, what kind of method he use to go to office?

Why he swims 2 kilometers daily

Do you know this person swims 2 kilometers daily and returns to the office. This matter is from Germany. A man from Germany’s Munich city is disturb by the jam on the busy streets of the city and swims two kilometers in the river Aisar and goes to his work. According to reports, Benjamin David packs his laptop, suit and shoes in a waterproof bag and binds it on his back and swim and goes to work.

swims 2 kilometers daily

Benjamin wears humming costumes or long waitsets according to the weather. As well as wearing rubber sandals to protect the feet from the glass. Sometimes the river bridge passing laugh to see them swimming there. But he says more comfort to be drawn into traffic and fast to swim.

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