AI Robot CIMON Debuts at International Space Station

AI Robot CIMON Debuts International Space Station

AI Robot CIMON Debuts International Space Station: AI Robot CIMON Debuts at International Space Station. The artificial satellite automaton CIMON has changed its 1st words with its spaceflight crew. German traveler Alexander Gerst talked with the by artificial means intelligent crew-assistant CIMON throughout a 90-minute experiment on Gregorian calendar month. fifteen aboard the International artificial satellite (ISS).

AI Robot CIMON Debuts International Space Station –

According to a press release from the manufacturer, Airbus, Gerst, the commander of this artificial satellite crew, awoke CIMON (the Crew Interactive Mobile CompanioN) with the words “Wake up, CIMON.” In response, CIMON said, “What am i able to do for you?” [This Flying area Droid needs to form Friends with Astronauts]

During the experiment, CIMON with success found and recognized Gerst’s face, took photos and video, positioned itself autonomously among the Columbus module victimization its inaudible sensors, and issued directions for Gerst to perform a student-designed experiment with crystals.

Weighing regarding five kilograms (11 lbs. on Earth), the 3D-printed automaton designed collectively by the German area agency DLR, airliner and IBM works equally to Apple’s virtual assistant Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. CIMON does not method commands itself, however instead communicates with a ground-based cloud pc — IBM’s natural-language-processing pc Watson.

“If CIMON is asked a matter or self-addressed, the Watson AI first off converts this audio signal into text, that is known, or taken, by the AI,” explained IBM project lead Matthias Biniok within the statement. “IBM Watson not solely understands content in context, [but] it may perceive the intention behind it.”

The computer provides a tailored ANswer to an astronaut’s question, and this answer is then regenerate into speech and beamed back to the ISS. CIMON is connected to the ISS Wi-Fi network that transmits information via satellite connections to the bottom.

European area Agency traveler Alexander Gerst of German poses for a photograph with the automaton CIMON on board the International artificial satellite. The automaton is meant to be a companion for astronauts in area.

Marco Trovatello, a spokesperson of the eu area Agency’s traveler Centre in Cologne, Germany, told that CIMON might respond among some of seconds once a matter was asked, no slower than in ground-based tests.

A data link connects CIMON with the Columbus center in Germany; from there, the signal travels 1st to the Biotechnology area Support Center at the medick University in European nation, wherever CIMON’s management team relies. Then, the affiliation is created over the web to the IBM Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany, Bernd Rattenbacher, the team leader at the bottom management centre at medick University, aforesaid within the statement.

CIMON, Trovatello aforesaid, isn’t nonetheless a completely fledged AI crewmember just like the film “Interstellar’s” TARS or the notable HAL 9000 from Stanley Kubrick’s picture pic “2001: an area Odyssey.” CIMON is very a primary step, designed to check what future human-robot interaction in area may appear as if.

“CIMON may be a technology demonstration of what a future AI-based assistant on the International artificial satellite or on a future, longer-term exploration mission would appear as if,” Trovatello aforesaid. “In the longer term, AN traveler might raise CIMON to point out a procedure for a definite experiment, and CIMON would try this.”

The spherical automaton features a giant screen at the middle that either options an easy, friendly, cartoon-like face or displays needed data for experiments and repairs.

With its ability to float around and receive spoken commands, CIMON might save astronauts heaps of your time throughout experiments and facilitate them perform additional expeditiously, officers aforesaid.

“Now, they need to float to a portable computer and appearance up the procedure,” aforesaid Trovatello. “That prices heaps of your time, that is admittedly precious for astronauts.”

Trovatello aforesaid that with the experiment last week, CIMON’s cooperation with Gerst has finished. Gerst can come back to the planet in Gregorian calendar month. His successor, the Italian traveler Luca Parmitano, is regular to fly to the ISS next year and can doubtless continue with more experiments, Trovatello aforesaid.

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