European Space Agency Gaia solve mystery dark matter dark energy: Signs from the European Space Agency ie ESA’s Observatory ‘Gaia’ can solve the mystery of building our galaxy to dark matter and dark energy. The astronomer’s ‘ Galaxy ‘ (milky-they) only adds to the same galaxy in which there are countless other solar system including our Earth and our solar system. The rest of the universe like our galaxy is called the ‘ galaxy ‘. While the whole sky looks full of stares, there may be some part of our Milky Way, even a bright bar.

European Space Agency Gaia solve mystery dark matter dark energy –

But, our Milky Way, even the greatest Galaxy of the universe, is so vast that astronomers cannot go into the sky and see it. The European space Agency ‘ ESA ‘ was sent in space on December 19, 2013, a visionary satellite i.e. ‘ Gaia ‘ (GAIA-Global Astrometric Interferometry for Astrophysics) on December 19, 2013, that is, the Observatory space.

Our galaxy has also swallowed other galaxy

Astronomers are studying about one billion stars in our galaxy, with an approximate 2,030 kilo-heavier satellite ‘Gaia’, that it is possible to know how our galaxy originated and its present form Make it This distant satellite is recreating the mysteries of our galaxy by circling around Earth from a distance of two and a half million to 7 lakh kilometers.

European Space Agency Gaia solve mystery dark matter dark energy –

On behalf of the team analyzing data from ‘Gaia’, Amina Helmmy of the Groningen University in the Netherlands has recently said that something like 10 billion years ago, there was a collision between our galaxy and another galaxy that our The galaxy swallowed it completely The marks of this collision and Dakar still meet today. This conclusion is drawn out by analyzing the accuracy of three-dimensional (3-D) positions and their motions of 70 million stars in the galaxy.

In the almost ocher-shaped halo called ‘Halo’ of the Milky Way, which is like a patchy cluster of scattered stars between the rare gases, there are 30 thousand stars which are moving in the opposite direction rather than the majority of stars. They are not only walking in the opposite direction, their chemical properties are also different from the majority of stars. For this reason the scientists associated with ‘Gaia’ believe that they are the donations of any other galaxy that has been absorbed in our galaxy.

Although astronomers have been speculating for a long time that there will be no other galaxy ever in our galaxy. At the same time, Amina Helmmy gives another information, “We were expecting that in the galaxy’s halo (Halo) we can get the marks of the galaxy’s  contained in it. But we were not expecting that most of the stars in the halo would be made from a very big fusion. “In addition to nearly 30 thousand solo stars in this halo, 13 large pistil piles of fusion between millions of cables Have also met.

Our galaxy is now being seen from a new perspective

Galaxy looks like a thick saucer. Scientists studying the data from ‘Gaia’ say that they have to see the origin of the galaxy now from a new perspective. The part of the static shape, which is the intermediate part of our galaxy, is divided into two parts: in a thin part, under which the other objects look along with its horoscope, and each other, about ten times thick In part, whose source of origin is currently unknown. Computer simulation, ie computer simulation based on the received data, shows that this thick part should be made of collision and merger with any other galaxy.

European Space Agency Gaia solve mystery dark matter dark energy –

The diameter of our galaxy (diameter) is about one million light-years (a light year = 94 trillion 60 billion 73 million four million 72 thousand 580.8 kilometers) The scientists believe that the collision of galaxy in the universe and their mutual unification between them is not a single phenomenon. There are many such instances in the depths of the universe.

Any galaxy can collide with our galaxy

It may not be the first or last time even with our galaxy that another galaxy collided with it ten billion years ago. Computer calculations show that after three to four billion years, this may happen again with our galaxy. Andromeda galaxy, 25 million light-years away from our galaxy, will collide with it.

Andromeda is moving towards our galaxy at a speed of about 120 kilometers per second this time. Astronomers call him ‘Messier 31’ or ‘M-31’ in short. He is also a spiral galaxy. Its diameter is more than two and a half times that of our galaxy, that is, 2,60,000 light years. That is probably due to the collapse of two galaxy from five to nine billion years ago. At its center a great black hole and 26 other black holes are reported.

At this time a storm of ‘Dark Matter’ is passing from our solar system

These days, it is not known that black holes, but like them, a storm of mysterious dark matter (invisible matter) is passing through our solar system. The clue was also found last year from the visionary satellite GAIA of the European Space Agency ESA. A team of astronomers from Zaragoza University in the US says that the speed of the storm is 500 kilometers per second. Scientists are trying to learn by taking advantage of her being in our solar system that the mysterious dark matter is the last?

European Space Agency Gaia solve mystery dark matter dark energy –

In fact, since the 1930s, scientists have been looking for some way to understand the invisible dark matter, but the success has not been able to come to this day. They are aware that only 27 percent of the energy that is in our universe, 80 percent of the invisible dark matter and the amount of energy, is in the form of dark energy (abusive energy).

The search for dark matter was started about eight decades ago

For the first time in 1933 a Swiss scientist Frites Swiki had said that there is also a substance in the universe which is invisible to us, but is affecting the cosmic bodies. Swiki found that the fast-moving Galaxy’s in the galaxy-jammat named ‘Coma’ can not be the result of the gravitational force of the visible material alone. That is, there is also an invisible material in the universe which is speeding up these galaxy. This invisible material was called called Dark Matter over time.

Whatever is visible in the universe – animals, birds, plants, our bodies, our earth, the solar system, the stars and the galaxy’s – they are all separate atoms formed by combining particles called electrons, neutrons and protons (atoms ). When at least two atoms connect together, then a molecule is formed from their mail. That is, when we talk about the visible matter, in fact these molecules are talking about atoms. They can be seen not with eyes but with very powerful microscopes.

Less than 5 percent of the universe is visible

Scientists say that our general (Baryonic) physical universe of molecules-atoms is less than five percent of the entire mass of the universe (mass)! That is, 95 percent of the universe’s universe, what kind of molecules-atoms and what kind of energy are made, we can not see it and do not know it. Since the scientist does not know anything about him, hence he has given fictitious names like ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’.

European Space Agency Gaia solve mystery dark matter dark energy –

Along with this, it is also being imagined that ‘Dark Matter’ can probably be made of any such particle, which has not yet been discovered. This unknown root also, which does not show any reaction to the known particles and their atoms known to us as electrons, neutrons and protons, has given two improvised names – ‘WIMP’ (WIMP-Weekly Interactive Massive Particles). / Weak corrosive heavy particles) and ‘gimp’ (GIMP-Gravitationally Interactive Massive Particles / Gravitational Interactions Treachery particles).

As soon as a team of astronomers from the Zaragoza University in America came to know that the singers indicated signs of a storm like ‘Dark Matter’ in the solar system, the whole team was determined to find that this interstellar storm called ‘S1’ What will be the reaction with their detectors on Earth? They say that the mass of this storm is equal to 10 billion times the entire mass of our solar molecules-atoms. That is, the invisible substance contained in this storm alone is so heavy that 10 billion Sun Gods can be made!

The unimaginable lightweight ‘X ion’ dark matter can solve the knot

Scientists from Zaragoza University are hoping that the ‘S1’ storm with dark matter will leave some traces of their X ion name ‘detector’. ‘X ion’ are actually such hypothetical particles, which are being said to be 500 million times light on the electron particles of normal atoms. Scientists are of the view that ‘X ion’ are so unimaginable light that when they come under the influence of a powerful magnetic field, they will turn into photon particles of light, which will immediately enter their dictator.

If this happened then it can be said that the first direct confirmation of having a ‘dark matter’ can be accepted. However, so far it has not been possible. Zaragoza’s scientists are still not giving up hope. They say that by keeping up and preparing a more sensitive detector technique, some of the secrets of the invisible ‘dark matter’ will be revealed.

‘Dark energy’ in ‘dark matter’ more dark

In the dark about the ‘dark matter’ of the scientists, there is more darkness in ‘dark energy’ than that. There is no reliable account available about ‘Dark Energy’, though there is no doubt about its existence since 1998. One of the speculation is that it is perhaps the fifth such basic power in addition to the four fundamental powers known by this – gravity power, electromagnetic power, the weak and strong power between atoms of atom – which, like a liquid, is the whole universe Everything is rife in.

European Space Agency Gaia solve mystery dark matter dark energy –

A second class of scientists says that this ablaze power actually corresponds to that cosmological constant, which Albert Einstein suggested for filling his equation of general relativity. Einstein said that this constant is an indicator of repulsive power, which works in the opposite direction of gravity and prevents the universe from being destroyed by itself.

The universe is constantly spreading

The fact is that the universe is not shrinking, it is constantly spreading at increasing speed. For the last two decades, Dark Energy is considered to be the main power to spread the universe. He is working in the opposite direction of the dark matter’s gravitational effect. But nobody knows that dark energy will continue to spread to our universe or the spread of the universe will never stop. The continuous spread of the universe also means that time and space is also increasing. The distance between the celestial bodies is increasing. That is, nothing is stable in this universe.

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