How to transfer more than 16 MB video or photo from WhatsApp?


Delhi, IndiaVirals: WhatsApp has become a necessity today! Today we are connected to the office and friends etc. with WhatsApp! In a clear word, WhatsApp has become the basis of life! But whenever a friend or someone with office says to do WhatsApp and you see that this file is very big, it will not go! So let us tell you today how you can send files up to 1 GB with WhatsApp?

So let’s start

Today we are going to tell you about an app through which users can share any song, PDF, movie or other files up to 1 GB on WhatsApp! Yes, the app that you all know is that it can be downloaded. You can easily download it from Google Play! The name of this app is WhatsApp Tools!

This is how WhatsApp Tools will work

First, download WhatsApp Tools from Play Store! To send files up to 1 GB from Whatsapp, firstly this app has to be set up on the phone! Install the app, the setup wizard will appear as soon as it is installed. Follow the installation of the setup wizard and this will open your accessibility service, from here you will be able to share files from what sales!

After Whatsapp is activated to share the file, click on the attachment menu of Whatsapp! New app option will be available on click! From here the file can be attached and sent! Then the receiver will get a link, clicking on this link will start downloading the file!

WhatsApp Tools has many features

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Download WhatsApp tools

Here is the link to download WhatsApp Tools! Click Click Hair! click hare >>