God Whale Fish: All of you have seen God’s temple in India, but perhaps you have not heard of a temple where a whale fish is worshiped today. This temple is known as “Matsyya Mataji”. This temple is located in Magod Dungari village of Valsad Tehsil in Gujarat. This temple is about 300 years old, which was constructed by the fishermen. Before fishing in the sea, the fishermen living here worship in this temple. Every year, there is a huge fair on Navratri Ashtami.

A temple where This “God Whale Fish” is God for Everyone

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The ancient story related to the temple is certain that a person named Lord Tandel, who lived here some 300 years ago, had a dream. Tandel saw in the dream that a whale fish on the seashore was in the dead state. When he got up in the morning and saw, a dead whale fish was literally lying on the shore. It was a huge fish, which was shocked to see the villages. Tandel also saw in the dream that the goddess mother whales come in the form of fish and floats on floating edge. But as soon as he comes to the side, he dies. Tandel told this to the villagers and considered the whale as a divine incarnation and built a temple in the village.

Before the temple was built, Tandel had buried the whale on the shore in the soil. After the temple was built, he extracted the whale bones and established it in the temple. Since the establishment of whale bones, he and some other rural regulars worshiped here regularly. Although some villagers were also against Tandel’s beliefs. They neither supported him in the construction of the temple nor worshiped him. Many times you will have heard that the consequence of not believing in divine power or making fun of him is also to suffer.

Something similar happened to those villagers too. A few days later, a severe disease spread in the village. On the sayings of Tandel, people asked for a vow in this temple that they forgive them and release the village from the disease. It was a miracle that the sufferers began to recover themselves. Since then the entire village has got faith in this temple and they are doing daily worshiping. Since then, it has been practiced since every village of the village has seen this temple before landing in the sea.

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