God Eyes in Danger : We had heard about the believers and the atheists, but in what category these people will have to think about. A thief in a recognized temple in a village in Maharashtra did not just steal, but left behind his tactics.

Thieves pulled out God eyes to dodge God, the entire village in shock!

There is a temple in Dattawadi in Pune, Maharashtra. There is an unshakable faith in God in this temple named Mhowasarai and now the faith of the people of the entire area is in shock because of a thief. In fact, on Sunday morning, theft occurred in the temple of Lord Mhowoba. Thieves not only took expensive ornaments, but also took away the God eyes

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According to media reports, the disclosure came on Monday morning, when people arrived for a visit. People were frightened by seeing blind eyes that God is angry. Soon the priest was called, but the priestly idol screamed at the close. When the priest told people that the eyes of God were stolen, the anger in the eyes of the people swims.

Thieves pulled out God eyes to dodge God, the entire village in shock!

Immediately after CCTV footage was discovered, it was found that thieves first stole ornaments and then also took away the eyes of God. For the moment, the thief has not identified any identity, the people of the village do not recognize the photographs that have come in front of the people. Now it is being said that thieves took away the eyes of God so that they do not see them while stealing it.

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