Steal Mobile: Now there is relief from mobile theft. The biggest disadvantage of mobile theft or loss is that it has your contact numbers. There are some more important information. Which can be misused. But now if your phone is stolen or lost, it can not be used.

Thieves have a big setback, now they will not be able to steal mobile

This will happen because the government is in such a preparation that will stop all services on the stolen or missing mobile phones. This system will work on all networks, even with SIM removal or IMEI number change. BSNL was given the responsibility of developing the software and implementation methodology for this new system Central Appointment Identity Register (CEIR).

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Besides this, the company has to test its pilot base in Maharashtra from its Pune center on pilot basis for six months. Let us tell you an official document that CEIR aims to reduce the number of fake mobile phones and discourage theft.

According to the Department of Telecommunications, the CEIR system will connect the IMEI database with all mobile operators. According to the information, the CEIR works in the form of a central system for the sharing of mobile terminals (sets) put in black list among all network operators so that the devices placed in one network in that category do not work in another. Do it. This system will benefit customers and investigating agencies as well.

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