Such a thing appearing in Ultrasound : The doctor advised that every woman who is mother become the first child to have ultrasound. In doing so, it is done to find out about the baby born in the womb of the mother. Doctor explains that it is done to see the development of a child. Whether or not the child is developing properly in the mother’s stomach. But there was an incident of a pregnant woman from the Missouri city of America who has scared everyone.


Such a thing appearing in the child’s place in ultrasound ! Parents is in Shock !!

Such a thing appearing in ultrasound – India Virals |

This lady is Reena Robotus. She is pregnant for 24 weeks. When she went with her husband Mike Robotus to do an ultrasound with the doctor, during a checkup, the doctor told a story that Reena and Mike got blown out of hearing.

The doctor told him that he is not a child born in his stomach, he is a sports car, who, after listening, lost his ground under the feet of Rina and Mike. But later, when the doctor made a check, he told that the child is a child born in the womb but his image is appearing like a sports car. However, the doctor told that after seeing this, he has sensed himself, for the first time in his career he has seen such a case for the first time so far. In which a pregnant baby is a child looking like a sports car.

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