New Delhi: Supreme Court announces three divorce, Muslim women get relief. In the three divorced case, the Supreme Court has dismissed it today by announcing a historic decision. Three judges of five Supreme Court judges three divorces as ‘unconstitutional’ while deciding the sentence.

Supreme Court announces three divorce, Muslim women get relief

Supreme Court announces three divorce, Muslim women get relief

This court order has received great relief from Muslim women. Now, like many Islamic countries of the world, India can not be divorced by divorcing three times at once. There are many Muslim women in the country whose life was ruined by three divorces.

Three judges termed three divorces as violation of constitution

The Supreme Court has said in its judgment that the divorce of three divorces in the Muslim system is ‘invalid’, ‘illegal’ and ‘unconstitutional’. Earlier, Chief Justice JS Kher and Justice S Abdul Nazir were in favor of asking the government to come out with a new law in this regard, with the ban on the practice of three divorces for 6 months, Justice Kurian Joseph, Justice R. F. Nariman And Justice Lalit termed it as a breach of constitution. But here it is clear that there is no obligation to make a new law on the government.

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What is the decision on divorce?

In the Supreme Court, the bench of five judges terminated three divorces on the basis of unconstitutional majority by terminating it. Three of the five judges termed three divorces as unconstitutional, while two judges were not in favor of giving it unconstitutional.

Supreme Court announces three divorce, Muslim women get relief

After today’s judgment of the court, three divorces ended in the country. Now any Muslim man will divorce his wife by divorcing her three times together and she will not be considered that she will be treated as invalid.

The Supreme Court cited three divorces in Islamic countries and asked why independent India could not escape it.

Two Judge judges of five judges talked about making laws on three divorces and expressed hope that the laws which the Center will make, will be taken into consideration by Muslim organizations and Sharia law concerns. However, after divorcing A Bidhat illegal, there is no obligation to make laws over the government.

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After the verdict, the counsel for the Muslim Women’s Board in a special conversation with ABP News said, “We welcome this decision. We fought a very long fight. Divorce has been won by Muslim women after being declared unconstitutional. ”

After the Supreme Court’s decision, the Muslim Personal Board convened the meeting.

A Muslim woman petitioning the Supreme Court in a special dialogue with ABP News has expressed her happiness over the Supreme Court’s decision. They have said that we only know how the three divorces have affected our lives.

Supreme Court announces three divorce, Muslim women get relief

The Bench of these five judges had heard the hearing

Let the Constitution Bench of five judges secure the verdict on May 18. In order to end this arrangement, there was a plea in the Supreme Court on behalf of Muslim women, while the Personal Law Board had called it a religious issue and did not want to hear it.

Supreme Court announces three divorce, Muslim women get relief

The central government also advocated the end of three divorces

During the hearing, the central government also said in the affidavit given by the Central Government in the Supreme Court that the divorce was not legal for the three divorces, and that it should continue to divorue the three divorces together.

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