Tianjin University of China is engaged in Teaching Romance. This University of China seems to have a romance class and it is also known as Practical Techniques of Romance with theoretical Theory.

Tianjin University of China is engaged in Teaching Romance

This course, run by the name of “Theory in Love and Dating”, is intended to encourage students to be in the relationship. Students can choose this course as an elective course.

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  1. Practical Techniques of dating with theory in this course are also taught.
  2. After the course of this course, the students who get their partners are given the full numbers.
  3. The tutor named Shi Shu takes this class. They teach the students how to improve their looks. Ways to teach from clothing to selection are taught.
  4. In the course, it is also taught how to behave even after rejecting a proposal.
  5. She says, we do not teach students how to do it. We teach them to build communication with the upozit sex.
  6. They say that there are seven more sessions in the course, in which man is taught to love himself before loving others.

With this, information about some legal problem related to romantic relationships is given.

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