Today the world was rocked by Aiylan. Two years ago a similar picture emerged from Turkey from the coast of Turkey on this day, to which the whole world had rallied. This picture was a three-year-old Aiylan_kurdi. Aiylan was born in Syria, where the world’s most dreaded terrorist organization Islamic State (IS) is the most feared. Now this terrorist organization has weakened, but then its stereotype was at peak.

Today the world was rocked by Aiylan – India Virals |

To avoid the same hell, Aiylan’s family was trying to go to Canada while traveling through Turkey on the sea. The name changed to death.
After death, Aulan’s body floated to the sea shore. The picture that was revealed was telling how much the world has to pay for terrorism and how deep the refugee crisis has been.

In the accident, mother Rehana and five-year-old brother Galeb were also killed. Later, the three were buried in Kobani, Syria. The whole family lived here.
When this picture of this innocent girl wearing red-colored red-colored shirt and blue shirt on the beach became a symbol of the crisis of refugees. The death of Aiylan was condemned in the whole world.

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