Tomb Father: A 2-year-old girl lying in a tomb, this photo is getting viral on the internet. This grave is no other than his father’s dug. She brings her own baby to the grave every day. The father gets peace by hanging the baby in the tomb. The girl’s age is just 2 years, so she does not understand why her father’s father finally goes to sleep in the grave.

This father is sleeping in his tomb, this is madness or something else!

There is such a fad on the father that at any time during the day or night, he takes hold of the child’s hand and sees him by hanging him in a dug in a grave. Why does he do this? Is that crazy? Or something else!

Why does he do this?

tomb father

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Even when the condition of the brain is not good, a father can not do this with his daughter. These father and daughter are living in China. Actually that child is a disease whose treatment is not possible. For two years, the child is battling a lack of blood. Blood quality is low in his body, due to which ‘heart rate’ is also not available. It is a disorder called ‘thalassemia’.

Doctors have said that they will no longer survive the day. Just being emotional, this father is still using his habit of living without his daughter. Every day he sleeps in the grave, and sleeps with him himself. He sees her alive. Then breathes peacefully. Doing so gives him relief. This Father also known as Tomb Father.

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