You will also be surprised by seeing these Top 5 Strange Festivals. There are some festivals that are very unique and strange, but still few know about them. Let us also tell you about these strange festivals celebrated in different countries around the world, knowing you will be surprised.

List of Top 5 Strange Festivals –

1. Shetland, Up Helly

top 5 strange festivals

Every year on the last Tuesday of January, it is celebrated in Lerwick, Shetland, Shettland’s archipelago of Scotland, celebrating Europe’s largest fire festival. The name of this festival is somewhat known, which is known as “Up Helly A” Day. At the beginning of every year in Europe, about 800 men celebrate the road by holding the dress of the Viking warriors and the torch in hand. The festival is not less than Diwali for Shetland.

2. Spain, baby jumping

top 5 strange festivals

Baby jumping in Spain has been from the 17th century. People are still playing this baby jumping game. In this game, a man, dressed like a demon, jumps on the mattress on the mattress on the street, in the game.

3. Oktoberfest, Germany

top 5 strange festivals


This festival has been celebrated in the month of September to October in Munich City, Germany for the last 203 years! People celebrate beer at this festival and it is also considered the world’s largest beer festival. Several concerts are organized in this and about 70 to 80 lakh liters of beer are served in this festival.

4. Melon Festival, Australia

top 5 strange festivals

This festival is celebrated in the month of February in Chinchilla, Australia, which lasted for 4 days. This festival is celebrated once every 2 years. There are many types of sports such as skiing, melon tossing, melon bungee, spitting, bulls etc. etc., using watermelon at this festival.

5. England, cheese rolling

top 5 strange festivals

Celebrated in England, people are wheeled down the hill by making this wheel in this weird festival. Many tourists visit every year to participate in this festival.

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