Top 5 unbelievable things found Underwater. The world’s oceans make up around 70 percent of this planet, and only 5 percent of them have been explored. That means that the vast majority of Earth is made up of deep, dark waters with mysteries waiting to be discovered.

Top 5 unbelievable things found Underwater

Top 5 unbelievable things found Underwater – India Virals |

Even with the small amount of ocean exploration that has been completed, some incredible places, animals, and objects have been found. Searching the depths of our oceans can give us insight into the past, the present, and sometimes, even the future.

Exploring these areas lets us see pieces of history and gives us ideas of other things that may be lurking in the deep. Here are 5 of the most unbelievable discoveries that have been made underwater. Can you imagine what else is out there?

1. Current Movement of Tectonic Plates

Top 5 unbelievable things found Underwater

The North American and Eurasian tectonic plates have been spreading farther apart in recent years as the North American plate moves westward. This impressive occurrence can be seen both on land and by diving deep in between the two plates near Iceland.
This has been done by a number of underwater photographers and scuba divers.

2. Ancient Underwater City Of Pavlopetri

Discovered in 1967 by Dr. Nic Flemming, this port town from the Neolithic era can be found off the southern coast of Greece. Ancient pottery was discovered at the site, giving archaeologists the impression that the town of Pavlopetri traded goods within the city and by sea.

3. Underwater River

Top 5 unbelievable things found Underwater

Black Sea

Top 5 unbelievable things found Underwater – India Virals |

At the bottom of the Black Sea, there is an entire ecosystem with a running river, trees, and waterfalls! How does this work, though—a body of water running through another body of water? It seems confusing, but it actually occurs because the water in the river is much saltier—and therefore denser—than the surrounding water in the Black Sea.

4. Zhemchug Canyon

Top 5 unbelievable things found Underwater

Bering Sea

If you thought the underwater river was impressive, you’ll love this underwater canyon. It is so huge that it can only be seen in its entirety from space. Crazy, right?
Found in the Bering Sea, Zhemchug is also the deepest underwater canyon. With a volume of 5,800 cubic kilometers (1,400 mi3) and a depth of 2.6 kilometers (1.6 mi), Zhemchug could fit the entire Grand Canyon inside it!

5. Bimini Road

Top 5 unbelievable things found Underwater


One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Bahamas is Bimini Road, an underwater path discovered in the 1930s. The origin of this ocean feature is unknown, though many believe it to be a path leading to the lost city of Atlantis.

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