The transgender man gave birth to a child, this gay couple told the process of pregnancy. Trageden Reese, a transgenders in the headlines due to their pregnancy for the last several months have given birth to a healthy baby. Since the birth of their child, people do not understand what they are congratulating or how they got pregnant.

Transgender man gave birth to a child, this gay couple told the process of pregnancy

Pregnant during sex transformation process

Transgender man

Tristan Reese made a gender change from a woman to a man. During this process, she once became pregnant but she became mischarged. In order to avoid such an accident, he stopped the process of gender change.

Gang rape is done here with innocent people to get rid of this disease

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Children’s upbringing

Tristen Reese says that raising a child is not easy, and this work becomes even more difficult for a gay couple. They say that their partner, Biff Chapel, is fully cooperating with them in this work. This couple has two more children, which they adopted in 2015. Both of these children are Chapel’s nephew-niece.

The embryo was having a newborn child in her stomach, the doctors did another revealing revealing

Procedure of conception through blog

Rise and Chapel settled in Portland, US, shared the whole journey of this pregnancy with the people through the blog and keep people aware of the process and problems of a transgender male.

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