Marine, Travel Blogger: There are many kinds of hobbies in the world. Someone to roam, so anyone can eat and drink But there are some people who are very surprised to know about their hobbies.

Travel blogger

Travel blogger Marine (Mareen), living in Cologne, Germany, has the habit of roaming the world and clicking photo with animals.

When Shark has attacked on the Marine.

On the Instagram there are about 5 lakhs and about one lakh 10 thousand people follow on Facebook. Not only that, she also runs her blog by MissEverywhere. She loved going to the exotic place from the beginning and living wildlife, so she left the corporate job and became a travel blogger, model. On the blog, she shares the story of her travels and beautiful photos of different places of the world.

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Travel blogger, surrounded by dangerous sharks, What Happened Next ?

Travel blogger – India Virals |

Recently they shared an event with him on the blog. Marine wrote that she had gone to the Caribbean country, the Bahamas, where the pictures were being clicked with sharks inside the water. But, only then a shark attacked her hand. She was scared and pulled her arm back.

Travel blogger

She told that the shark was preparing to attack a big mouth again and attack me, but she remained steady. Indeed, the people had told them that whenever the sharks are ready to attack, they should calm down. They saw that the shark was trying to take food items from their hands, but they did not panic and gave the shark to eat.

She further wrote that nothing happened to my hand and later she also clicked a great photo with those sharks. Marine says that the experience of swimming with sharks is very good and memorable.

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