Tree Money: The old saying is that money does not grow on trees, in Maharashtra, to see the true picture of this proverb. In Aurangabad, Maharashtra, money was hanging on a tree. It may sound strange in hearing but in Maharashtra Aurangabad got such a wonderful view. The trouble is that the notes which were hanging on the tree were all old 500 and 1000. Those who have left the movement now.

Tree Money

Who says that money does not grow on trees, do you see this tree money ?

Seeing this tree money, crowds and opportunities were crowded. As soon as the police reached there and took possession of the money. The matter got worse after one of the two gadia was scattered on the ground during the withdrawal of money. Police had to struggle to collect the scattered notes on the ground.

According to the information, the notes worth Rs 10.50 lakh were trapped on the tree. At present, the police is trying to know who and how he came to the tree in the note. By the way, after getting the ban on getting old notes in such a large quantity, it is actually telling the old story itself.

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By dp