Twins Marriage – The marriage of these twins together ! Poly. A street of 17 houses in the city. There are twins in one or two full five families. The more interesting the reader is, the reality is. The big Brahmapuri of the city is connected to Jai Hind Pole on one side. About 60 feet long.
According to the media report, this street in colloquium is called colloquial lane.

twins together

Twins Marriage – The marriage of these twins together ! – India Virals |

Sanyag is also like that in the street ten years ago, even a cow in a house gave birth to twins. Not only this, it is a coincidence that if one girl and a boy were born in twins, only one of them survived, but both boys and girls were born, then this lane was buzzing with their beats.

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The sight of being with them at school, college or the market is interesting. At the wedding of the twins, the mother has checked with her own groom.

Asha Aruna Their mood is the same. Fever or any seasonal disease. Comes together often. Asha is a student of Commerce. Aruna Science of Maths. Ever hope that Aruna will be able to attend the class instead of visiting the place. Give dadji a dip of Diwali and eat one of the sweet even two times. Even at the time of the marriage in a marriage, mother Shashiqala herself has checked that she is sitting with her own groom.

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