This is the twins school, everyone get confused. Kapurthala There is a school where anyone can cheat. This deception is also such that nobody who is hearing about it can not even believe. One such school here. There are twins in each class of this school. Seeing these twins, teachers are also get confuse.

Twins school everyone get confused

This is the school of twins, everyone cheats – India Virals |

There are twins in almost every class of Sri Guru Harkishan Public School of Kapurthala, Punjab. The principal of the school says that it is only a coincidence that some twins have been out of school and some have gone through family situations. Even after this, every class has twins. Due to being a few twins and sisters, they are easily identified, but there are many who find it difficult to identify.

Teachers have identified the names of children in such a condition and they are able to identify them quickly on the basis of them. Mole on someone’s face, then only a mark on someone’s body can identify him correctly.

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