Jakarta: Here is a unique bridge made of tree roots. Today we are going to tell you about a bridge about which you will be shocked to know. In fact, the bridge made of roots of 2 trees located on the banks of a river in Indonesia remains the center of the people’s faith and fascination.

Here is a Unique Bridge made of Tree Roots

It has taken almost 24 years to build this bridge. The people here believe that all the wishes are fulfilled by bathing under this holy bridge. This bridge is known as “Jamban Akar”. These bridges connect 2 villages also.

Here is a Unique Bridge made of Tree Roots

The hunting of fish in the vicinity of this bridge has been fully banned. People believe that fish found around this bridge are sacred and angelic. These bridges have been built by weaving the roots of the Kubang pad located on both the river.

Here is a Unique Bridge made of Tree Roots

It is completely natural. In 1890, Pakih started the construction work of Sohan called Ulema. It took 24 years to build it. Now people of both villages use it as a crossover. Travelers and tourists are kept on the day of holiday and eid.

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