Unique Cafe: Here you can enjoy coffee with a Rat ! Today, we are going to tell you about a cafe, with which you will be shocked knowing about it. Actually, a cafe is going to open in San Francisco, USA where you can enjoy a coffee with a mouse sitting on the same table.

Unique Cafe

This Cafe has been named ‘The Black Rat Cafe‘. Along with drinking coffee, you can also make friends with those rats. If you like a rat, then you can take them too.

Unique Cafe: Here you can enjoy coffee with a Rat ! – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

This cafe is very strange but there is nothing less than attraction for the local people there. This cafe is built with keeping in mind people who love mice very much.

The operation of this cafe will be the Adoption Institute of California named Ratty Ritz. Which will be open from July 1 to July 8. The main purpose of the institution is to learn to follow rats.

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