Unique School: Teachers here touch their students feet ! Today we are going to tell you about a school about which you will be shocked to know about it. Actually, there is a school in Mumbai where teachers touch the feet of their students. This view is common in Rishikul Gurukul School due to a tradition every morning.

Unique School

Children in India are considered to be God’s form, so touching their feet is considered as bending to God. This sequence of Gurukul has increased the respect for teachers too.

Unique School

Unique School: Teachers here touch their students feet! – India Virals | www.indiavirals.com

Teachers also demand blessings from children here. He believes that by doing this, other students will also get inspiration that we should honor them. This school operates in Ghatkopar, which is connected to the Maharashtra State Secondary Board. This co-ed school is still in the rental building.

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