This University is teaching to be ‘failed’ for the job! Did you ever think? Any college or university will also teach you to fail and will run a program for it, with admission, it will be told what is going to happen. But this is true. Smith College is running this program with the University of Massachusetts of America. Be sure that the horse of your thinking must have been running the gallop that would have been saying that there is a course of failure too? Some, then, have given themselves the PhD of this topic.

This university is teaching to be ‘failed’ for the job!

Just wait !!! They are not teaching to be a failure, actually they are teaching that what are the benefits of failing? How can you move forward if you fail? If you fail, then there is no need to be disappointed. This college of Smith College, with a unique idea, remains a topic of discussion all over the world. A class is being run in the name of ‘Felling Well’ in the college. Where people are ringing their tales of their own failures.

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Think what will be written in the certificate?

The objective is that people can be taught that instead of failure, should think about new opportunities instead of failure. Sessions of those people who have failed many times in life and have reached a good position today.The eligibility of admission in this course is also very interesting. If you have failed in any relationship, class, sports, exam, friendship or any other activity then you are eligible to enroll. After passing this course, you will also be given a failer certificate. Now imagine that if you take admission in this course, then what failure will you tell? How do you write in your resume or CV after completing the course that you are ‘failer certified’?

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