Bathtub: There is so much fondness among the people about the phone that they do not want to leave their phones for a second. Even people like to keep their phones with them even during eating and drinking. However, sometimes this thing can also become deadly for a person.

Using the phone in the bathtub proved dangerous for her life

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Actually, one such case has emerged in New Mexico. Here a 14-year-old girl got bathing with her phone and she lost her life. While bathing, he was using the phone in the bathtub. The girl named Madison Koewos was charging her phone, during this time the phone accidentally fell into the bathtub.

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The girl’s family told that during the bath she took her charge and caught her while the incident happened at the same time. Police say that the initial investigation is about to cause electric shock. Madison’s grandmother told that the hand with which she held the phone is a mark of a burn.

It can be judged from what happened to him. This is a painful accident that should not happen to anyone and we want something good to come out of it. We want people to be made aware that their cell phones are not used in the bathroom. His lack will weaken us all. He has a special place in our heart.

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