New Delhi: This is the vegetarian crocodile, eating form 60 years only…! The lion does not eat grass, if the horse will make friends with the grass, then what will eat. This is because the lion is a non-vegetarian creature and the horse fills its stomach with a grass. Today you are talking about a carnivorous creature who is completely vegetarian.

vegetarian crocodile

This is the vegetarian crocodile, is eating for 60 years only… – India Virals |, Indiavirals

Yes, we are talking about the alligator Baba in the Anantpura Lake Temple in Kerala. You might be thinking that crocodile binds a bone with its teeth and makes bones powder.

But Anantpura Lake Temple is very quiet with the crocodile nature of the name of Babya and she likes to eat only the temple offering Due to being a vegetarian of Banabi, fish living in this lake also have no problem.

vegetarian crocodile

vegetarian crocodile

You must be surprised to know that the timing of the banana food is also fixed. After midday worship, BABA rice and good food made of rice. In this case, the temple administration says that for the last 150 years, crocodiles are showing in this pond, but only one crocodile appears at a time.

vegetarian crocodile

On the death of a crocodile, the second comes automatically. Nobody knows where these crocodiles come from, while there is no river around the temple. It is being said that Baba has been guarding this temple for 60 years. What can you say when a species hunting the creature looks pure-vegetarian except that it is a charisma of nature.

This is the vegetarian crocodile, is eating for 60 years only… – India Virals | IV , INDIAVIRALS

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