The video of the elephant rabble on the road became viral. There is a video of a elephant’s grandfather in West Bengal, in which he is eating potato from the truck and eating it. An elephant stopped the truck on the highway passing through the forests of Garbeta in western Midnapore district.

The video of the elephant rabble on the road became viral ! – India Virals |

The truck was loaded with potatoes. After this, the elephants took out the potatoes in the truck and started eating them. During this time people on the road were watching this scene. Some people also tried to stop the elephant but they failed. The video of this incident has also surfaced.

In the video, it is visible that people have thrown the firecrackers to destroy the elephant so that they can be removed. But the elephant did not get out of there.

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The elephant removed the tarpaulin from the top of the truck with his trunk and took out the potatoes and grounded it on the ground. In West Bengal the cases of rioting and vandalism of elephants have already been reported. Elephants often damage fields, which is why people have to face many problems. Some time ago, two elephants died in Uttarakhand when they were hit by a train.

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