Shama villagers did not get paid for MNREGA work. There is anger in villagers due to non-payment of work done under MNREGA in Shama. He said that the work has been more than a year. They made an attempt to get paid soon after meeting with DM. If the demand is not fulfilled, the movement warns.


In the shadow of Lohrakkuda Tok, the Department of Agriculture had made the work of the security wall and check dam in the year 2015-16 under MNREGA. Which has not yet been paid. He said that all the laborers working in the poor and the Scheduled Castes.


Shama villagers did not get paid for MNREGA work – India Virals |

They have to face the financial crisis due to non-payment. He said that stopping payment of hard labor and tax payers is injustice with them. He told that many times the payment to the department has not been paid. They warned of agitation if they did not get paid soon. On this occasion, Mohan Ram, Ganga Devi, Kundan Singh Coronga, Pratap Ram, Basanti Devi etc. were present.

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