Who is the most Valuable Celebrity Brand 2017? Shah Rukh Khan ??? No, Virat Kohli replaces Muslim Celebrity and become most valuable brand. Star athlete Virat Kohli has replaced film industry superstar Shah Rukh Khan as India’s top-level celebrity brand. In step with a report by a valuation authority.

Virat Kohli replaces Muslim Celebrity –

Indian Team Total Players 11, Virat Kohli T-shirt Number 18? How ?

In the 2017 report titled ‘Rise of the Millennials: India’s most respected Celebrity Brands’, pudding & Phelps same that Kohli flat-topped the list with whole worth of $144 million.

Followed by actors monarch Rukh ($106 million), Deepika Padukone ($93 million), Akshay Kumar ($47 million) and Ranveer Singh ($42 million).

Players earning more than Virat

Duff & Phelps, a worldwide valuation and company finance adviser, printed the third edition of its annual study of celebrity whole values in India.

Who is the most Valuable Celebrity Brand 2017?

Virat Kohli replaces this Bollywood Muslim Celebrity and become most valuable celebrity brand – India Virals

“For the primary time since we tend to began business enterprise our rankings. Shah Rukh Khan has slipped from the highest ranking and been replaced by Virat Kohli. Kohli is currently the primary alternative of brands to have interaction and attract shoppers, burning by his extraordinary on-field performances and off-field personal appeal,” Varun Gupta, pudding & Phelps administrator and Region Leader — India, Japan and geographical region, same in an exceedingly statement.

Varun Gupta Said –

“In addition to Kohli, different young celebrities like histrion Alia Bhatt, actor Varun Dhawan and court game champion P.V. Sindhu have either up within the rankings or entered our prime fifteen list. backed by note-worthy performances in their individual fields and robust endorsement signings over the last year,”

Aviral Jainist, pudding & Phelps Director, said: “While film industry celebrities still dominate the highest fifteen, sportspersons area unit providing powerful competition as Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sindhu, conjointly valued at $180 million, account for nearly 1/4 of the full celebrity whole worth of the highest fifteen.”

Virat Kohli replaces Muslim Celebrity

The report additionally highlights evolving trends within the whole endorsements area. Together with celebrities endorsing touristry campaigns, backing varied sports tournaments/franchises, and launching their own line of merchandise.


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