While girls are not doing what they want to be slim fit, this American woman is fond of obesity. Doctors have warned, obesity can be a threat to life, but 43-year-old Bobby Joe Westley, living in Pennsylvania-based York, wants to break the weird record of the most fat hip. At this time his hip is 95 inches thick. Despite strict warning of doctors, he wants to 99 in it The record of the most fat hip (99 in) is the name of Mickael Ruffinely from Los Angeles.

Westleigh’s weight is about 2.45 quintals. She says, ‘The hip will make me the most different in the world. When I came to know that many people loved me because of this, it was like a surprise for me. ‘Westleys are also active on social media. The number of their follower is increasing rapidly. He always posts new photos for his fans. Apart from this, he also participates in an erotic session online. For this, he takes one hour 29 thousand thousand rupees.

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Westley says, “Fans keep sending all sorts of messages. Some of them offer marriage proposals. At the same time many people tell me to be much thicker. But I do not answer anyone At the same time some trollers also make negative comments on my pictures.

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