Here, the woman gave birth to 2 twins ! Harare Today we are going to tell you about an incident related to which you will be shocked to know. Actually, the incident took place in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, where a woman gave birth to 2 twins.

2 twins

Surprisingly, the age of these children is 10 years, the reason being that it has been said that this woman has had this womb in her stomach for the past 10 years. The woman had a fear of being a satanist. In the last 10 years, her stomach was greatly blossomed.

Here, the woman gave birth to 2 twins ! – India Virals |

She always seemed to move a little in the stomach. He got enough doors to treat this abnormal fetus, but he was disappointed everywhere. Then he went to a church pastor. The clergy assured him that he would be freed from demonic forces by the power of prayers.

Treatment was started and after 2 weeks the results started to appear. Gradually a wound on his stomach emerged, which had a lot of pain. When the wound was broken, two children died out of his stomach. After this, the woman’s stomach came back to normal, as usual.

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